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you should probably read this whole thing:
A Bengali holy man known to his followers as Prahansatha the Second underwent periods of meditative chanting during which his eyes exited their sockets and ascended to float above his head, connected only by their dura-mater cords, and thereupon performed (i.e., the floating eyes did) rhythmically stylized rotary movements described by Western witnesses as evocative of dancing four-faced Shivas, of charmed snakes, of interwoven genetic helices, of the counterpointed figure-eight orbits of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies around each other at the perimeter of the Local Group, or of all four (supposedly) at once.

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an era has ended

team, i have decided after 7 glorious years to retire ''.

the unused blog will remain here in perpetuity (posts still welcome, etc), and all files have been saved so that, at some future date and domain, when time and effort reveal themselves to me, i might resurrect them and lead us all to the promised land. peanut guy, ralphnsocks, and rodd flash movies will be there.

let there be food,

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Chalmers and Walcott

Coal and gas could never chain the Chalmerians or Walcotti.

Lesser ancient gods were they, doomed by their elders to live in human shells for an age. But in their cold Indiana hearts an eternal flame burnt brightly, fueled by an ambrosia dream from which they would never, could never waver. In the wintry tundra off route 231, while the eyes of the great were elsewhere, they constructed leviathan ivory towers with what little strength their fragile human flesh could manage.

At such great heights, the ice-cold wind would surely carry them o'er the prison walls of that chapped Midwestern plain. Boldly, with purpose, they would defy the Gods and climb back triumphantly into the gilded halls of heaven.

So it was written. So it shall be.

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weep with beauty at justin bieber, slowed down 800%

i recommend inhaling cannabis beforehand.
J. BIEBZ - U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis

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Cincinnati Public Transit & Parking

looks like Cincinnati is on track to break ground as early as next year with its streetcar plans. Bomb-ass stuff, though it'll start out pretty small-scale going from the stadiums in the south up to Over-the-Rhine to start out, with extensions planned to UC, the zoo, Walnut Hills, and Union Station.

View Cincinnati Streetcars + Subway Bore in a larger map

I also threw in the existing subway bore that runs under Cincy right now for comparison. I think i've had conversations with a few of you about whether or not they could be used to host light rail/streetcars. The verdict seems to be yes, tentatively - there are three existing below-ground stations that are already bored out with platforms - but the route of the old subway appears to be somewhat antiquated for public transit now that they bulldozed the homes along the current I-75, leaving land use densities there pretty sparse if you want to get people to ride. Might be a good route for some northern extension (e.g. following US 27) of the other planned Light Rail route, which would go up to Milford through Walnut Hills and Downtown (maybe i'll add that some other time). Gotta say though, the light rail thing seems like a stretch at least for the time being. Too pricey and not enough interest I reckon.

The other news is that Cincinnati is thinking of relaxing parking requirements - antiquated zoning relics that require developers to build off-street parking. Next step would be to get rid of all the empty parking lots downtown.

Seems like Cincinnati planners really have their shit together.

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endless celestial sex


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kill yourself before you watch this

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we, as a planet, are collectively doomed.